RTP Security Groups



The Shiznit. That is all.

OWASP Triangle Chapter

OWASP Triangle Chapter. Free to join, open to all. We meet to discuss & demonstrate primarily web and mobile vulnerabilities, tools & solutions.

Oak City LockSport

Oak City Locksport is the original Raleigh area lockpicking group, founded in 2010 by Katie (aka "squ33k"), and led today by squ33k and Patrick (aka "unregistered436 (https://twitter.com/unregistered436)").

RTP Security + Beers

Information security professionals meeting informally to talk shop over a beer (or beverage of choice)

Raleigh 2600

2600 meetings are held on the first Friday of every month @Morning Times- 7pm -ish

Raleigh ISSA

Raleigh's Information System Security Association promoting education, career services, CEU's, Community and networking. First Thursday of every month @RTPHQ's